NASA Solar Probe Discovers Entire Band Smash Mouth Walking on Sun

NASA Solar Probe Discovers Entire Band Smash Mouth Walking on Sun

THE SUN — Just hours after NASA launched its Parker Solar Probe to study the surface of our planet’s star, the mission observed the entirety of 1990s hit rock band Smash Mouth walking on the Sun.

“We were sitting in the Astro Lounge watching the video feed when we noticed something strange on the screen. We figured we shouldn’t delay, but we should act now and investigate further,” said Leslie Kerrigan, one of the chief engineers working on the Parker mission. “Twenty-five years ago they spoke out about the need to better understand the Sun. Now, what we’ve discovered will change our understanding of science and possibly produce a debut number one single.”

The NASA team noted that supplies were running out as the probe attempted to photograph Smash Mouth on the Sun’s surface, but they decided to do it anyway, as it could take “six to eight years to arrive” in the Sun’s atmosphere to take further readings.

Kerrigan pointed out the difficulty of conducting research in such extreme environments, saying that “it ain’t no joke” trying to study the Sun up close or buy the world a toke.

“I had a hunch that if we followed through with the mission there may be a tomorrow for our program to get increased funding for further research,” said Kerrigan. “But if the offer’s shunned by Congress, then we probably won’t be walking on the sun again any time soon.”