Enough is Enough: Taylor Swift Says She’s Done Letting Emeril Lagasse Come On Stage During Her Concerts to Show the Crowd How to Make Andouille-Crusted Redfish

Enough is Enough: Taylor Swift Says She's Done Letting Emeril Lagasse On Stage During Her Concerts to Show the Crowd How to Make Andouille-Crusted Redfish

Have you been going crazy for Taylor Swift’s “Reputation” world tour? Well you’re in for a surprise — Swift just announced she will no longer allow award-winning New Orleans chef Emeril Lagasse to spontaneously come on stage during her shows to teach the crowd how to cook andouille-crusted redfish.

Sorry, Emeril, looks like T-Swift just kicked you down a notch!

Beginning with Swift’s May 8 concert in Glendale, AZ Lagasse has been forcing his way on stage during every show to lead an impromptu cooking session, showing tens of thousands of excited fans how to make one of his most classic Creole dishes.

I mean, we love you, Emeril, but seriously, every show?!

“At first I was cool with it because Emeril is an amazing chef, but he kept insisting on coming up in the middle of my set,” said Swift, adding that she would gladly allow Lagasse to show her fans how to make a Crawfish Étouffée in the backstage area or before the concert begins. “The prep time alone is almost forty minutes. Sometimes we’re there until three or four in the morning waiting for the ratatouille to soften.”

What does Emeril think of all this? Well, he says he’s not yet done teaching Swift’s admirers how to cook delicious New Orleans comfort food.

“I’ll be there in crowd at every concert, just waiting for my moment,” said Lagasse, who typically brings an entire kitchen and ingredients with him to each show. “Just when you think she’s about to kick off Act 3 with ‘Delicate,’ BAM! I hit you with a little roasted gahlic.”