West Virginia Restaurateur Opens Road-to-Table Pop Up

West Virginia Restaurateur Opens Road-to-Table Pop Up

CHARLESTOWN, W.V. — Local entrepreneur Cleatis Plunkett is embracing his roots and opening a first-of-its-kind “road-to-table” pop up restaurant in his beloved hometown.

The chic new eatery is more than just a sustainable culinary experience, he says — the “scrape it off the road, it’s still good” mentality is modeled after Plunkett’s life.

“I was a-fixin’ to scrape up a coupla coons from ’round the ol’ crick down yonder,” recalled Plunkett. “That’s when I says to myself, I says, ‘Cleatis, I reckon you’re a-fixin’ to make yourself a dollar with this here coon sandwich.'”

That’s when “Ma’s Busy” was born. It’s Plunkett’s original take on an artisanal roadkill eatery, with ingredients taken fresh from the asphalt to your palate.

The menu will feature samplings from all of the finest ingredients that “God’s Country” has to offer. Ranging from Sun-dried Squirrel with a Horse Apple Glaze to a Charcuterie plate of Deer Hoof and Possum Rib Medallions, Plunkett guarantees that every carcass was locally sourced “before them damn vultures got at it.”

“We also got hooch on tap,” said Plunkett, referring to his organically distilled grain liquor. “That there white lightnin’ ‘ll make ya’ shit’chyer brithces quik’r ‘n shit through a goose.”

So check out this one-of-a-kind culinary creation if you’re hankerin’ for a good time

Falconetti contributed reporting.