Cleveland Browns Fan Gets #1 Draft Pick for Birthday Again

Cleveland Browns Fan Gets #1 Draft Pick for Birthday Again

CLEVELAND, Ohio — In a admirable show of appreciation for their dedicated supporters, the Cleveland Browns have gotten local fan Joe Gaglund a number one draft pick for his birthday for the second year in a row.

Even though the Browns had already gone all-in to get Gaglund a number one pick last year after finishing the 2016 season 1-15, they felt like he deserved something special to celebrate their 0-16 record in 2017, too.

“Oh wow, number one picks are my favorite! How did you guys know?” cried an excited Gaglund. “This is the best birthday ever!”

While most NFL teams are too selfish to get their fans the top pick in the draft, or even a number two pick, the Browns have done so four times in the past 19 years.

“Man, I just remember seeing the look on little Joe’s face when they got me for his birthday back in ’99,” recounted 1999 number one pick Tim Couch. “There was such wonder in his eyes. If we could go back in time, I bet nobody would do anything about that draft differently.”