High-Rolling Dog Bets It All on Grey

High-Rolling Dog Bets It All on Grey, Dog Casino

With the entire casino gathering around the roulette table in awe, high-rolling dog Gruffy McGruffington reportedly bet all of his chips on grey.

“What’ll it be, sir?” asked the dealer, as McGruffington took a long, slow drag from his cigar. “Double-zero is looking pretty good right now.”

“Everything on grey,” said McGruffington calmly. “Grey is hot tonight.”

According to witnesses, McGruffington had spent all night chasing dice on the craps table, and had amassed a small fortune. But it wasn’t enough. Now, after a lavish dinner at the dumpster behind the steakhouse, he was ready to go all in.

“When I catch a scent that there’s money to be made, I follow it,” said McGruffington. “People say I just have a nose for these kinds of things.”

Friends say they’ve warned McGruffington to stick to what he’s good at, like the racetrack and marking the hot tables for them with urine, as he has yet to win a bet placed on grey. But the stubborn gamester refused.

“This money is mine. I can almost smell victory,” added McGruffington. “Or is that bacon? Because bacon would be nice, too.”