Unbelievable: Drunken Irishman Gets in Fight

Unbelievable: Drunken Irishman Gets in Fight, Conor McGregor

NEW YORK — In an improbable incident on Thursday, an enraged and possibly intoxicated Irish man got into a fight. The unlikely event involving professional fighter Conor McGregor has baffled experts, who are wondering just what set the typically easy-going pugilist off.

“I bet there’s a lot of people sitting at the pub in Ireland scratching their heads right now,” said UFC commentator Joe Rogan. “This is just not what the Irish are known for.”

White says that the incident had nothing to do with McGregor being stripped of his lightweight title belt earlier in the week, as he had already made him “pinky promise” that he wouldn’t get mad.

“There is absolutely no precedent for anything like this — a young Irish man getting angry and fighting someone,” said UFC President Dana White. “Conor is usually so calm and even-tempered. Nobody could have seen this coming.”

The UFC has announced it will forgive McGregor, as it was “probably just the Jameson speaking.”

“He’s normally a nice guy, I swear,” added White.