Hidden Message?! We Played Nickelback’s New CD Backwards, and It Still Sounded Like Crap

Hidden Message?! We Played Nickelback's New CD Backwards and It Still Sounded Like Shit

You know how when you play “Stairway to Heaven” backwards it contains a hidden satanic message?

Well guess what? It turns out Led Zeppelin aren’t the only ones hiding devilish ideas in their songs — we played an entire Nickelback CD backwards, and it STILL sounded like shit.


Looks like Nickelback has some explaining to do.

Is Chad Kroeger a satanist? Does drummer Daniel Adair want to summon demons from the underworld to bring on the apocalypse? Or does post-grunge bro rock just sound like crap no matter which direction you play it in?

Kroeger claims that any horrible sounds that occur when the CD is played backwards are completely coincidental. But he’s not fooling us. We played the single “Must Be Nice” in reverse over a dozen times with the same result: shit. Every time.

We tried the same thing with every Nickelback CD going back to 2001’s breakout hit Silver Side Up. With the exception of the 2005 single “Rockstar,” which when played backwards is mysteriously a Chinese restaurant background music rendition of “Chariots of Fire,” the outcome was always the same. Pure garbage.

Nice try, Nickelback. We know you’re up to something, and it’s time to come clean.