Dad Actually Turns This Car Around Right Now, Mister

Dad Actually Turns This Car Around Right Now, Mister

DENVER — For the first time in the history of family travel, local dad Robert Smith actually turned the car around and headed home due to his son’s misbehavior.

“My 12-year-old son Daniel just would not turn down his damn music in the back seat or pass his younger brother the snacks, and I was just sick of his attitude, so like my father before me, and his father before him, and my great-great-great grandfather way back when, I threatened to turn the vehicle around right now,” Smith reflected.

It was at that point that Daniel uttered the words that changed the course of history: “Whatever, dude, I never wanted to come on this stupid trip anyway.”

“At that moment, something just clicked inside me — I had to do it. I HAD to find out what would happen if I turned the car around,” said Smith.

Smith’s wife Lynda recounted how in the moment before her husband effected the U-turn, the sky seemed to become dark, and the air felt thick. From a standstill at a red light, Smith reached out and flicked the left turn signal. When the light turned green, instead of continuing forward, he turned the car 180 degrees and started driving back toward Denver.

“It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop, and we just stared open-mouthed at each other for the next 10 minutes while Rob kept driving,” Lynda stated.

It was in the eleventh minute of driving back towards home that Daniel broke down in the overwhelming tension and apologized to his father, lowered his music and passed the chips and carrot sticks to his younger brother. The family was then able to resume their trip to the Grand Canyon with a renewed appreciation for spending some quality time together.

“I never thought he’d really do it,” Daniel said after the family returned from vacation. “He was always threatening to ‘turn this car around right now, mister,’ but I just thought it was an empty warning to get me to stop being a dick—SORRY Mom, PLEASE don’t actually wash my mouth out with soap!”