SCANDAL! Otto the Orange Caught Selling ‘Juice’ to Syracuse Basketball Team

Otto the Orange Caught Selling Juice to Syracuse Basketball Team

Following the team’s underdog run into the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA basketball tournament, mascot Otto the Orange has been accused of selling “juice” to the Syracuse men’s basketball team.

Police believe Otto brews the pulpy substance himself and gives it to players to improve their in-game performance. Some say an enhanced strain, codenamed “Tropicana,” may be what helped Syracuse swing the balance in their upset over Michigan State on Sunday.

“We brought Otto in for questioning and tried to squeeze some information out of him, but he wouldn’t budge,” said detective Brent Gonzalez. “I think we’ll find a whole slew of illegal activity once we peel back the surface of this thing.”

Head Coach Jim Boeheim claims Otto’s “juice” is not a banned substance, and that many teams in the league have similar practices.

“I don’t see anyone calling out Nebraska’s Herbie Husker for all the moonshine you know he’s probably brewing under the stadium,” said Boeheim.

Reports indicate the Kansas State basketball team has tried to milk their mascot Willie the Wildcat with less success.