Violent Board Games Like Clue Are Desensitizing Our Youth

Violent Board Games Like Clue are Desensitizing Our Youth

by A Concerned Baby Boomer

In the past two weeks, many have asked what causes mass shooters to do what they do. Some have suggested that guns are to blame. Others have said that video games and pornography are the root.

But I say what is really desensitizing the Youth of America is violent board games like Clue.

Clue glorifies the most reprehensible type of violence. It is a brutal series of horrific murders committed at a party, intertwined with cheesy one-liners and the omnisciently annoying Tim Curry.

It is a fantasy of wandering room to room, waiting to see who will be killed next. The characters are murdered in such barbaric fashion, such as being beaten to death with a candlestick or hung with a rope. And it is rated for kids eight years old and up.

Let’s not forget about other violent board games, like Mouse Trap. This disgusting game promotes cruelty to animals by encouraging kids to capture mice in torturous traps. Somebody call PETA!

The game Monopoly allows children to take advantage of the poor and vulnerable. The mascot of the game is the pinnacle of white male patriarchal privilege.

If that doesn’t explain the American violence problem for you, nothing will. It is past time to act.

Hasbro, you have blood on your hands.