Inspiring! This Man Listens to “Eye of the Tiger” Every Day Before Skipping the Gym

Inspiring! This Man Listens to "Eye of the Tiger" Every Day Before Skipping the Gym

DALLAS, TX — Talk about inspiration! Local resident Bob McMurphy mentally prepares himself for skipping the gym by blasting the Survivor classic “Eye of the Tiger.”

“There’s nothing that gets me more pumped to not work out than a little throwback from Rocky III,” said McMurphy. “Every now and then I’ll even follow it up with the original Rocky theme song if I’m feeling really bold.”

Each day, he pulls into the parking lot of his gym after work, switches on the song, and hesitates to step out of the car. Wow!

“Sometimes I even give myself a little pep talk,” McMurphy said. “You don’t need to lose weight. Plus you’ll probably do something silly and end up in a viral video about how not to exercise. Best not to risk it today.”

McMurphy doesn’t waste any time. According to witnesses, after finding a parking spot out back where no one will see him, he blasts the famous tune for all four minutes and four seconds of pure glory, then jerks his car into gear and speeds home.

“I just like to close my eyes and imagine myself in an epic training montage,” he said. “After a few minutes of that I’m pretty spent.”

At press time, McMurphy was in the garage listening to “Hearts on Fire” while skipping his responsibilities to make dinner.