How I Doubled My IQ by Injecting Elon Musk’s DNA Into My Brain

A few months ago I was just a normal freelance creative with and average IQ. Things were going okay, but I felt like I needed a change.

I needed to expand my mind, but I knew traditional methods like studying and work were not for me.

That’s when I came across this one weird trick that doubled my IQ overnight, and it’s so simple.

 I injected Elon Musk’s DNA directly into my brain, and you can, too!

As soon as I felt Elon’s robust double helix bind with my own meager nucleic acids, I experienced a surge in both cognitive power and ability to be loved by everybody.

You don’t even need any special equipment to get the same amazing results I did. All you need is a little DNA-rich piece of Elon — like a strand of his flowing chestnut hair or a fleck of his milky white skin — a blender, and a syringe capable of penetrating a human skull.

Simply blend Elon’s DNA with the biodegradable rocket fuel of your choice, inject it into your prefrontal cortex, then sit back and watch your mind grow out of this world, or, more specifically, to Mars.

Don’t have time to sneak into Elon’s bedroom to steal a swab of saliva from his mouth while he sleeps?

Worry not! Just hop on over to our shop to get your hands on our exclusive Elon Musk DNA particles.